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I have never thought that gambling can be so much fun. It is true that I make a lot of money, but people simply can't believe it.

Clara Francis

The dealers here are great and they never let you down. It is quite hard to see casinos with such people in the recent times.

Edgar Korn

I have always been a gambling fan and after all these years of gambling for some reason my heart always calls out for Liberty Ink and Toner Casino. I am happy and content.

Henry Cough

Latest News

Karl Perin at the poker table

Yonnais Karl Perin won the national final MyPokerLigue. A trophy that opens the tables of the World series of pokerLas Vegas.

Karl Perin has baraka. To piss off his opponents as soon as he puts his chips on the green carpet. Sunday, January 21, the young man won the national final MyPokerLigue at the casino of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. A coronation on “a pair trash”, after two days to ooze on the cards, against 88 players. “A first for me that has never won anything in my life,” Karl still wonders.

His trophy opened the tables of the Las Vegas World Series of Poker, which brings together pros and millionaires from around the world to the best Trustly Casinos. A token to 1 100 € the entry, plus an envelope of 1 100 € to pay the expenses of the stay. Before that, Karl also won the right to get his hands on a tournament in Paris, Marrakech or Dublin at 550 € starting bet, with 550 € for the hotel.

Patience and technique

Another world for this Parisian of origin, fallen in poker during a party with friends. A time when the novice earns his nickname “Karl the baraka” by chaining the “five-ball games”. From the game without strategy, “with the biggest cards that swept the bet at the end”, for pure pleasure. But it is in Vendée that the player catches the virus.

Coming to La Roche for studies, Karl gets in touch with the association Pok’R yonnais. “I learned a lot from them at the level of patience and technique. Ideal for polishing his style. “He plays thoughtfully and knows how to be aggressive when it is necessary”, decrypts Ghislain Gouraud, the boss of Potes & Boc who organizes poker nights every Tuesday.

Casual fashion

Karl prefers to see himself as a “perfectionist”, coupled with a lucky one. Without forgetting the touch of instinct, specific to any champion. The one that makes the right decision at the right time. Like the evening of the finale where “I was a bit as possessed and the bluff came to me naturally. ”

The kind of state that gamblers Casino Saint-Gilles dread when they see the thirties land “casual” (casual English). “I’m not the kind of dark glasses, with the headphones on my ears”. A style that he intends to put to the test on the poker table.

Tips To Become A Professional Gambler

Gambling is an act that requires a lot of smart work and luck. It is one of the places where luck certainly exists. If there are only luck and smart work, leaving no scope for hard work, then how can people be a part of gambling? This is the biggest trick that is existing in the market. Though casinos have a competitive edge, and despite the fact that they work in predesigned modules tricking the player in most of the cases, there is no doubt that player also has a chance of winning. You just have to understand a few things. Those are the few things that we will see here.

Decide before you bet:

The casino always wants you to make the wrong decision. But they still aren’t imposing any restrictions on the time frame taken for making a particular decision. Of course, you aren’t allowed to use all the time in the world and eat the time of your peer competitors. But his liberty will help you to use your time wisely and come up with a decision that is taken in haste.

Stop focusing on playtime perks:

All casinos are interested in rewarding their members. This largely happens when you are actually making a bet. When you are given a drink when you bet or a delicious snack or a different perk, you always lose concentration on what you were already doing. This is the biggest of all casino tricks, getting the member to drink and then playing the fool with him. The game is more important than anything.

No favouritism and no superstitions:

When it comes to betting and gambling, one of the important things that you have to remember is to forget all favouritism and what you like and bet on the winning strategy. Yes, we did say that luck plays a major role in determining the winning streak of a person, but that doesn’t mean that you have to play taking in all superstitious beliefs. This way you will go down-hill and lose everything that you have earned so far.

You can always take the lead:

Sometimes when you are sure that you that you will have a winning streak, then it is always good that you go ahead and place your bets. Even when it comes to winning it can sometimes happen in a streak, and that is the reason as to why you can always make the first move and save the day. But make sure that you have carefully decided because these things can sometimes backfire.

Keep cool even if you know you will lose:

Until you have mastered the act of gambling, it is important that you always play a safe game. As in do not increase your bets at unprecedented rates with the hope that you can turn them all into profits. Despite applying all the golden rules of gambling if you are sure that you are not going to win do not give in to negative emotions. Since you know that you have played your maximum best and that you have played smart, your losses are always less. Read More

Role Of Digital Currencies In Online Gambling

All the leading platforms in the world that have large user base have gotten onto the digital platform. Apart from that there are also huge reasons as to why digital platform penetrated into the market. Digitalisation is one of the greatest growth aspects of the world. If not for digitalisation we would never have witnessed a world that is so advanced and technically sound. So here are some of the things that we have to know about digitalisation in the gambling fraternity.

Evolution of casinos into the online platform:

Casinos have tremendously seen a difference from how they were and how they are now. There only used to be the traditional form of casinos that were built with bricks, but now they have mainly evolved to become online casinos. This is one of the biggest evolutions in the gambling world. The games that were only played physically can now be played online, and there are no hindrances. In fact, there are a lot of advantages as a benefit of going online. As a result of too much of growth of technology and money system, there are a lot of changes in the casino world as well.

The arrival of digital currencies:

One of the biggest transformations that took place in the currency world is the coming of the digital currency. The concept of currency and payments have evolved so much that they are not just platforms that motivate fast cash but also safe cash. That is when these digital currencies also are known as e-currencies can into existence. One of the widely known names is Bitcoin. When bitcoin was introduced, people across the globe were scared as to how this would work, and now they have bold enough to put them to use in trading centres and casino houses.

Digital currency and gambling:

With the coming of digital currencies, the online casinos are ready to accept payments in terms of bitcoins. This means that you no longer have to have your movie invested in the casino market. You can be a part of the investment sector, invest and earn bitcoins and later either you can encash it or use it in the form of digital currencies. This way you are spending only the benefit of what you have invested and no additional funds. This way you are protecting yourself. Also, many other digital currencies are exclusively known for using it in the casinos.

That is the reason as to why casinos have started using the concept of digital currency. The payment has also become very much easy, and they are the ones dominating the show. There are also a lot of benefits in employing bitcoins or other digital currencies for using them in casinos. So, if you are a gambler as well, do not fail to use digital currencies to pay your bets and win your cash.

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